Sunday, June 26, 2011

the very beginning... a very good place to start

Hello my name is Marrianne Morland, Pemberleyknits, or Tlee this is my first grown up blog and my first (semi) grown up post. As a fairy princess with invisible wings, of 15 summers, living in a world of  tech-advanced people has been a struggle. But through it all I have a blessed trinity that keeps my hope and imagination aflare! Yeshua the Messiah, Jane Austen, & John Keats. I aspire to someday be a published author & poet like Austen and Keats but I shall only be so in Yeshua's time. my mother and mentor is the Famous Yarn Yenta and as she does with expertise; I dream of designing knitwear, Ma'ma is the most amazing Pastor's wife and mother of 6 I have ever known! I am always thanking G-d for such a blessing of a mother <3 
My Bosom friend Hannah (Or Inkspinner) has been such an encouragement since our chance meeting at a Jewish camp, what were the odds of two fairy princesses meeting at a Jewish camp? 100% because G-d knew we needed each other <3 
this is my first post and poems and fairy-tales will follow I hope you enjoy but :) please respect my work and remember that all that I post is in belonging to MOI and do NOT repost with out my SINCERE permission. Merci :0) 
With all Sincerity MM

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