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the Silver Fork BY: MOI

The Silver Fork

By Marrianne Morland

Once,long ago in a kingdom well known, there in a large castle, lived a king who ate only with enchanted silverware. He picked up his fork to aid his knife in cutting a tender parboiled potato. But suddenly, the delicate little fork took it in to her head to fly, thinking she was a fairy with silver wings. She flung herself from the king's hand and out the open stone window. Tipping and turning she smacked into walls and gutters until she landed with a splat in a muddy ditch. There she lay wishing she had not been so foolish.

However after a few minutes, a little boy scooped her up and shoved her in to his smelly dirty pocket. He ran home to his mama . He showed her his grand find, beaming with joy. His mother excited, snatched the shining fork and set it on the worn wooden table. Later she swooped up the fork and off she ran to the  cart of a merchant of considerable wealth. She placed the fork on his table, beaming with anticipation.The little fork was frightened and turned on her side, and there beside her was a wooden spoon.The wooden spoon did not like that there was such a fine fork on her table and so she would not speak to the poor little fork.

The merchant immediately bartered for it.With his new merchandise in hand, he handed a leather pouch of silver to the woman. The woman, still beaming, left his cart. The merchant packed up,and in his haste to sell his wares in the next town, dropped his wooden spoon.

After walking a long distance he became hungry and he heated some stew on a small fire. He plopped a large portion into a wooden bowl. But lo and behold he found he had no spoon.Luckily, he remembered his new ware, the shining silver fork.That would do! Thinking himself worthy of using the King's fork, he unpacked her from the box that he had placed her in. And then with much gusto, he began to shovel his chunky stew into his mouth. The fork was so disgusted by the slop in the bowl that she flung herself from his hand and into a thick patch of grass. The merchant, distressed, could not find her as hard as he tried.When the sun began to sink below the hills, he gave up his search. Soon he packed up his bag and resumed his traveling.

A few days passed.The little fork thought she was doomed to remain hidden in the grass forever when a toy maker was walking through the grass. He stumbled over a root and landed with his hand on the beautiful, elegantly wrought fork. He stared at the shining fork and an idea popped into his head. He hurried home with his newly found treasure.

He heated the fire and began carving an image in some strange material,she was only able to see over the edge of the strange bowl she was in. But then, oh then, the crazy man put her in the pot over the fire! She trembled and then fell into a dark deep sleep. She heard a slamming sound and awoke. She was in some weird box, and could not move. Terror swept over her. Panicked she thought “WHERE AM I?”

The slamming got louder and louder. Suddenly the box she was imprisoned in; cracked, and light began to pour in. The slammer got louder and the box shook.The box broke into pieces. Smiling, the toy maker brushed away the pieces of the box.
The fork felt woozy. She looked down at her handle to find she had two silver legs! She caught sight of her reflection in a little mirror the toy man showed her. She had wings! She rustled her wings and squinted her little silver eyes..she had real eyelashes and eyes and..everything. She realized she was a silver fairy! She stretched her wings and began to wobble around the work table she stood on. The toy man, his eyes shining, was not amazed by this at all.
He just chuckled lightly and his fingers tingled with little bits of pixie dust. He held out his hand to the silver fairy and she saw a small silver archer figurine was standing on the toy maker's wrinkled hand. The archer jumped off the hand and went to the fairy. The silver fairy just stared and wondered what she ought to say.

The archer looked her squarely in the eye, which made her uncomfortable and said

“She needs a name!”
The silver fairy nodded,and looked at the the wrinkled face of the toy maker for approval. She most definitely needed a name. He nodded, giving the handsome archer permission. The nameless silver fairy smiled for the first time.

"Alva-Hopea, Silver Fairy" said the archer
She smiled again. The archer seemed strangely familiar. She looked him up and down and finally thought 'Knife?' But as she thought it, she felt her little lips move and heard herself say it,"Knife?" rather than just think. She had a voice! It sounded to her like little silver bells.

The archer nodded his head and held out his little silver arm to the fairy. “Now my name is Scian, May I show you around Miss Alva?”
She blushed and took his arm. Enjoying belonging sound in which he spoke her new name.

 The two found they worked together as well as...well..a fork and a knife. It wasn't long before they fell terribly in love. Soon,the two former utensils were married and lived a very happy life in the toy maker's shop.
Alva sewed dresses for herself and suites for Scian, out of bits and scraps of velvet and linen. They lived in a gold cage and the inside was furnished and remodeled till it was made to resemble a most elegant parlor. They helped the dear toy maker refine and paint his toys,in ways only someone the size of a salt shaker could. 

It was in this way they live many long and happy years... until the pirates attacked,of course....

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